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Elevate Your Success with Our New Strategies Program!

This program integrates expertise from Share4you, our proprietary copy trading platform, and expert advisor (EA) providers, to offer a comprehensive Strategies Library.

Select your preferred leaders to endorse tailored trading strategies that align with your clients’ objectives.
What you get from this program:

Diversify your client's risk profiles with customizable trading strategies that cater to various risk tolerances.

Simultaneously promote multiple strategies, providing your clients with a diverse range of options for their financial goals.

Access a wealth of trading strategies, enhancing your offerings without the financial burden.

Boost your earnings through shared commissions and profits, aligning success with your clients and Forex4you.

Why be a Forex4you Partner?
With over 16 years of experience and more than $140 million in commissions paid out to partners, Forex4you is your trusted partner for success.
  • Unlimited & competitive commissions to grow your income
  • Daily payouts to fulfill your financial goals
  • Tailored programs for your specific needs
  • Quality personal managers to serve you
  • VIP events & exclusive promotions just for you
  • Marketing support and insights to bring your business plans to life
  • 150+ tradeable instruments
  • Stringent annual audits by a Big 4 accounting firm

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